package documentation

PyDoctor, an API documentation generator for Python libraries.

Warning: PyDoctor's API isn't stable YET, custom builds are prone to break!

Module astbuilder Convert ASTs into pydoctor.model.Documentable instances.
Module astutils Various bits of reusable code related to ast.AST node processing.
Module driver The entry point.
Package epydoc epydoc is an automatic Python reference documentation generator. pydoctor uses parts of the epydoc source as a library.
Module epydoc2stan Convert pydoctor.epydoc parsed markup into renderable content.
Package extensions Pydoctor's extension system.
Module factory Create customizable model classes.
Module linker This module provides implementations of epydoc's DocstringLinker class.
Module model Core pydoctor objects.
Module mro C3 linearization algorithm.
Package napoleon Convert docstrings from numpy or google style format to reST.
Module node2stan Helper function to convert docutils nodes to Stan tree.
Module options The command-line parsing.
Module qnmatch Provides a modified fnmatch function specialized for python objects fully qualified name pattern matching.
Module sphinx Support for Sphinx compatibility.
Package sphinx_ext Public and private extensions for Sphinx.
Module stanutils Utilities related to Stan tree building and HTML flattening.
Package templatewriter Render pydoctor data as HTML.
Package themes Package directory used to store pydoctor templates.
Module utils General purpose utility functions.
Module visitor General purpose visitor pattern implementation, with extensions.
Module __main__ Undocumented
Module _configparser Useful extension to configargparse config file parsers.


Variable __version__ Undocumented
__version__ = (source)