package documentation

Render pydoctor data as HTML.

Package pages The classes that turn Documentable instances into objects we can render.
Module search Code building ``all-documents.html``, ``searchindex.json`` and ``fullsearchindex.json``.
Module summary Classes that generate the summary pages.
Module util Miscellaneous utilities for the HTML writer.
Module writer Badly named module that contains the driving code for the rendering.


Class HtmlTemplate HTML template that works with the Twisted templating system and use xml.dom.minidom to parse the pydoctor-template-version meta tag.
Class IWriter Interface class for pydoctor output writer.
Class StaticTemplate Static template: no rendering, will be copied as is to build directory.
Class Template Represents a pydoctor template file.
Class TemplateElement Renderable element based on a template file.
Class TemplateLookup The TemplateLookup handles the HTML template files locations. A little bit like mako.lookup.TemplateLookup but more simple.
Class TemplateWriter HTML templates writer.
Exception FailedToCreateTemplate Raised when a template could not be created because of an error
Exception OverrideTemplateNotAllowed Raised when a template path overrides a path of a different type (HTML/static/directory).
Exception TemplateError Raised when there is an problem with a template. TemplateErrors are fatal.
Exception UnsupportedTemplateVersion Raised when custom template is designed for a newer version of pydoctor
Function parse_xml Create a minidom representaton of the XML string.
Constant DOCTYPE Undocumented
def parse_xml(text: str) -> minidom.Document: (source)

Create a minidom representaton of the XML string.


b'''<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"