class documentation

This visitor implements the handling of type aliases and type variables.

Method visit_Assign Undocumented
Method _isTypeAlias Return True if the Attribute is a type alias.
Method _isTypeVariable Undocumented

Inherited from ModuleVisitorExt:

Instance Variable visitor The parent visitor

Inherited from VisitorExt (via ModuleVisitorExt, NodeVisitorExt):

Method __init__ Initialize the visitor extension.
Method attach Attach the parent visitor to this extension.
Method unknown_departure Called before exiting unknown object types.
Method unknown_visit Called when entering unknown object types.

Inherited from _BaseVisitor (via ModuleVisitorExt, NodeVisitorExt, VisitorExt):

Method depart Depart an object.
Method visit Visit an object.
def visit_Assign(self, node: ast.Assign | ast.AnnAssign): (source)


def _isTypeAlias(self, ob: model.Attribute) -> bool: (source)

Return True if the Attribute is a type alias.

def _isTypeVariable(self, ob: model.Attribute) -> bool: (source)