class documentation


Method docsources Objects that can be considered as a source of documentation.

Inherited from Function:

Method setup Undocumented
Class Variable annotations Undocumented
Class Variable decorators Undocumented
Class Variable is_async Undocumented
Instance Variable kind Page location where we are documented.
Instance Variable overloads Undocumented
Instance Variable signature Undocumented

Inherited from Inheritable (via Function):

Method isNameDefined Is the given name defined in the globals/locals of self-context? Only the first name of a dotted name is checked.
Instance Variable parent Undocumented
Method _localNameToFullName Undocumented

Inherited from Documentable (via Function, Inheritable):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method expandAnnotationName Like expandName but gives precedence to the module scope when a name is defined both in the current scope and the module scope.
Method expandName Return a fully qualified name for the possibly-dotted `name`.
Method fullName Undocumented
Method reparent Undocumented
Method report Log an error or warning about this documentable object.
Method resolveName Return the object named by "name" (using Python's lookup rules) in this context, if any is known to pydoctor.
Method setDocstring Undocumented
Method setLineNumber Save the linenumber of this object.
Class Variable parsed_docstring Undocumented
Class Variable parsed_summary Undocumented
Class Variable parsed_type Undocumented
Instance Variable contents Undocumented
Instance Variable docstring The object's docstring. But also see docsources.
Instance Variable docstring_lineno Undocumented
Instance Variable extra_info A list to store extra informations about this documentable, as ParsedDocstring.
Instance Variable linenumber Undocumented
Instance Variable name Undocumented
Instance Variable parentMod Undocumented
Instance Variable source_path Undocumented
Instance Variable sourceHref Undocumented
Instance Variable system The system the object is part of.
Property description A string describing our source location to the user.
Property docstring_linker Returns an instance of DocstringLinker suitable for resolving names in the context of the object.
Property doctarget Undocumented
Property isPrivate Is this object considered private API?
Property isVisible Is this object so private as to be not shown at all?
Property module This object's Module.
Property page_object The documentable to which the page we're documented on belongs. For example methods are documented on the page of their class, functions are documented in their module's page etc.
Property privacyClass How visible this object should be.
Property url Relative URL at which the documentation for this Documentable can be found.
Method _handle_reparenting_post Undocumented
Method _handle_reparenting_pre Undocumented
Instance Variable _linker Undocumented
def docsources(self) -> Iterator[model.Documentable]: (source)

Objects that can be considered as a source of documentation.

The motivating example for having multiple sources is looking at a superclass' implementation of a method for documentation for a subclass'.